Getting AP Calculus Across & Down


Across & Down is a crossword puzzle but the clues are calculus problems (AB) and the solutions are numbers (digits 0 - 9 and negative signs).


Across & Down is a subscription with a different set of clues coming out every week starting September 2017 and ending March 2018. The problems build according to the order in the AB Calculus manual.  So week 1 deals with limits, week 2 deals with derivatives, etc.


Across & Down is meant to cover the basics of the AP Calculus course. While there are several tougher problems, most of them are the types of problems you would have on one of your regular exams.


Across & Down comes with an Excel file that allows direct input of answers. The solution version allows an enhanced use of this Excel file.


Across & Down can be used several ways.


  • You give the puzzle template out at the beginning of the year and every week, give the students the weekly set of problems (usally about 3 - 5 problems). Students solve the problems and fill in the crossword puzzle. At first it will be easy but as more numbers are filled in, conflicts might occur and students will have to go back and examine older problems to resolve those conflicts.


  • You give the puzzle out after teaching the entire curriculum and students are studying for the AP exam or have taken the AP exam and you want an end of the year calculus project for them. If you purchase the solution version, you have an option to give the clues out in numerical order rather than having them in topic order.


While the student version is free, the solution version gives several advantages.  First you receive the detailed solutions to every problem.


  • You can give the puzzle out to students who are going into BC Calculus after the year in AB. It can be given either over the summer or at the beginning of the new school year. Across & Down then becomes a really good review for these BC students.


  • The solution version of Across & Down allows an enhanced use of the Excel template.  With the purchase, you receive several passwords that, if you choose to share them with the students, give them i) how many cells are correct and incorrect, ii) color-doing the cells that are incorrect, and iii) color coding the answers to clues that are correct or incorrect.  You also receive the clues and solutions in numerical order (both across and down) rather than in order of topic. That allows you to give the puzzle out in its entirety at any time during the year and don't have to wait for the weekly installments.


To receive the free Across & Down puzzle, you need to be a member of the community. If you haven't done so, by clicking on free registration. Once you are a member you have access to all of our free subscriptions. You will receive a new set of Across and Down clues via email every Thursday, starting 9/7/17.


Across & Down is available for purchase now..



Across & Down Solutions

Across & Down Solutions:

Web Download Version

This purchase will provide you with the student and solution versions of Across & Down as downloadable files (PDF format - 12.5 mb).

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