Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures


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AB Solution version of Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures. 
588 problems/solutions in Microsoft Word Format. $129.95.


BC Solution version of Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures. 
244 problems/solutions in Microsoft Word Format. $69.95.


Combination AB/BC Solution version of Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures.

832 AB/BC problems/solutions in Microsoft Word Format. $189.95.



What is it?  Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures is an extensive database of multiple-choice questions in both AB and BC Calculus, intended to make it easy for teachers to create worksheets, quizzes and exams. There is a student version and a solution version. The multiple-choice questions each have 4-choices (A, B, C, D).  There is also a 5-choice version (A, B, C, D, E) available by request.


How is it Organized? Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures is organized by topic.  There are 36 AB topics and 15 BC topics:




AB Topics

BC Topics

1. Limits

19. Absolute extrema

1. L'Hospital's Rule

2. Rates of change

20. Optimization

2. Integration by Parts

3. Derivative by Definition

21. Basic integration

3. Integration using Partial Frac

4. Basic Derivatives

22. Integration w/substitution

4. Improper Integrals

5. Equations of tangent lines

23. Integration w trig

5. Euler's Method

6. Derivative of trig functions

24. Integration w/ln & e

6. Logistic Growth

7. Chain rule

25. Definite Integrals as Area

7. Arc Length

8. Local linear approximation

26. Riemann sums & trap rule

8. Parametric Equations

9. Implicit differentiation

27. Fund. Thm. Of Calculus

9. Vector Functions

10. Derivatives of ln & exp

28. Accumulation function

10. Polar Curves

11. Horizontal & Vertical tangents

29. Integrals of rates of change

11. Taylor Polynomials

12. Differentiability

30. Average value of functions

12. Infinite Series

13. Intermed Val, Rolles',  MVT

31. Motion using integrals

13. Error Bounds

14. Inverses

32. Inverse trig

14. Power Series

15. Related Rates

33. Area

15. Taylor, Manipulation of Series

16. Straight-line motion

34. Volume


17. Function analysis

35. Slope fields/DEQ's


18. 2nd derivative test

36. Growth Problems



How many problems are there? 588 for AB and 244 for BC. Within any topic, there are between 10 and 24 problems, usually 16.


What about the difficulty of the problems? Within any topic, half of the problems will be easier - usually concentrating on one aspect of the course, and half of them will be harder - the type which students can expect in the AP exam involving multiple concepts.


What prior knowledge is assumed within a topic? The approach used is that students will not be responsible for any topic prior to it being taught. For instance, problems on straight-line motion will not use integrals. So questions about distance traveled would not be asked until integrals are taught. There is a later section on straight-line motion using integrals. This allows teachers to use any question within a topic without the fear that a concept has not yet been taught.


Are calculators required? For the most part, calculators are not necessary or allowed. However there is a smattering of "calculator active" problems, especially in areas where complicated definite integrals need to be taken.


What does it cost?  Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures is absolutely free for the student version.


How do I get the problems? You can eiether have access to them by logging into the website or download them above.


What is the format of the problems? The student version are in PDF format.


What about the solutions? The most exciting part of Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures is that teachers who purchase solutions will receive it in Microsoft Word format.  Read below tp determine if your computer is compatible. This will allow teachers to create exams or worksheets that use as many or as few problems as needed, edit the problems if they wish, print out answer keys, change the size of graphs and charts, and more.  While answers in PDF format are also available upon request, having Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures in Word format gives teachers a huge amount of flexibility. It is something that teachers will find invaluable.  Once you purchase the solutions, you will have access to them via the members section of the website and the solution links will also be sent to you via email.


I have an newer version of Word.  Will the solution versions work? I work on a Mac and save the files in a format that can be opened by Word: 1997 - 2004.  PC's work slightly differently.  So check it out. Below is a link to a sample page from Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures in Word format. The page has all the elements that the entire database will have: text, equations, graphs, and tables. Open the page and see whether you can do the following:


            Click here for sample document.


 a. print it.

 b. copy and paste a problem and/or solution to a blank page.

 c. resize graphics.

 d. edit equations. (This uses Equation Editor. Some knowledge of Equation

     Editor will be needed  if you wish to change any of the problems. Teachers

     purchasing solutions will receive a short tutorial.)


The issue is Microsoft Office 2018 for Mac. Microsoft completely changed how they formatted their documents and Equation Editor no longer is compatible. It took them a very long time to create a fix. The program Math Type is now compatible with Word Mac and although it is not free anymore, it is something that anyone who is creating and editing equations should require. Check it out follwing this link. You can do a 30-day trial as well.


What do the solutions version cost? The student version is free. The AB solution version (containing the problems and solutions) is $129.95 and the BC solution version is $69.95. The cost of purchasing both is $189.95.


AB Solution version of Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures. 
588 problems/solutions in Microsoft Word Format. $129.95.


BC Solution version of Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures. 
244 problems/solutions in Microsoft Word Format. $69.95.


Combination AB/BC Solution version of Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures. $189.95.


When can I purchase it?  It is available for sale right now.


Can my school purchase it via a purchase order? Absolutely. Contact me at for instructions.


I don't want to do all that downloading. Can I get it on a flash drive?  There are a number of packages that offer Calculus Cache on a flash drive.  Check out our price list.


Can I place the problems and/or solutions on the Internet?  Absolutely not!   However, if you create your own exams by electronic cutting and pasting and modifying problems, what you do with it is up to you. Realize though that if you place your own exams on the Internet, your next year's students may very well find it and cheat.  Do yourself and the rest of us a favor. These problems are your "treasures."  Keep these treasures to yourself!


I hope you are as excited about Calculus Cache of Hidden Treasures as I am. Having the ability to quickly create calculus exams on the fly with full solutions is something I would have loved to have had when I taught. I am really thrilled to be able to bring this extensive collection to calculus teachers.