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Before I taught AP statistics, I taught a course called Probability and Statistics for many years. This was a one semester course that divided the course into probability for the 1st quarter and statistics for the 2nd quarter.


There were some AP caliper students in this course, but since it was taught at an Academic (or College Prep) level and not Honors, the students the course attracted were not necessarily the best math students in the school. This course was taught before there was a lot of technology available, certainly before the widespread use of the Internet. Also the technology used to create a lot of the documents here was crude by today’s standards. There were no math word processors available.


Yet the material is still quite applicable and useful. The AP Statistics course does not even begin to emphasize permutations and combinations and the material below does include that information. And while the statistics section doe not go into hypothesis testing, it does show students how the standard deviation is calculated.


If you are looking for a non-AP course that gives an overview of both probability and statistics, the materials below may be of use to you. Some of the data used in the examples are quite dated – you will see that when buying a gallon of milk for $1.50 or a car for $8,000 is mentioned. Still, the problems are applicable.


There is a probability manual with an answer manual as well. There is a statistics manual with answers as well. There are projects and simulations in both manuals. There are also five exams (with answers) for the probability section and three exams (with answers) for the statistics section.


I haven’t used this material in years but hopefully it will be of use to some of you.


Probability Manual.pdf
(1.2 mb)
80 pages with an introductory section, basic probability, permutations, combinations, combinatoric probability and conditional probability.
Probability Manual Answers.pdf
(1.3 mb)
Answers to the above manual.
Probability Exams.pdf
(220 kb)
5 exams that follow the above manual.
Probability Exams Answers.pdf
(236 kb)
Solutions to the 5 exams above.
Statistics Manual.pdf
(1.8 mb)
103 pages containing information on descriptive statistics, regression, and normal distributions. A number of projects are given.
Statistics Manual Answers.pdf
(672 kb)
Solutions to the statistics manual above. Project solutions are not given as they will differ.
Statistics Exams.pdf
(144 kb)
3 exams that follow the manual above.
Statistics Exams Answers.pdf
(168 kb)
Solutions to the 3 exams above.