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I am a retired teacher of mathematics, having taught at Wissahickon High School in Ambler, Pa for 35 years. I taught Advanced Placement Calculus and AP Statistics at Wissahickon as well as prospective teachers on preparing for the Mathematics Praxis Test for the Philadelphia School District. I taught part-time at Abington Friends School in Jenkintown, Pa., Acadia University, Montgomery County Community College, and Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, (Calculus and Statistics) and have had three books published by REA, one on preparing for the AP Calculus exam.  I was honored by winning the Presidential Award for teaching in 2003, the highest award given to public teachers in the United States.

Plain and simple, I love math and transferring that love and enthusiasm to students and teachers is what makes me tick. That's why MasterMathMentor was created in 2007 and has been a source for math educators to obtain free lesson plans, exams, and games ever since. And even though I am retired from everyday teaching, I have no plans to stop!


What's New at MMM

Calculus Cruising

This summer venture from MMM is a 40-problem set of of free response questions in the style of the AP Exam.  But the kicker is that these problems were written about and aboard a cruise ship. There problems are about food, entertainment, getting around the ship, entertainment, shore excursions, and just about every aspect of the ship.  It is highly entertaining and those students who have been on cruises will relate to just about every situation described and those who haven't will want to take a cruise.  As always, ths student version is FREE.


AP Precalculus

The College Board instituted a new AP Precalculus course in the fall of 2023. This course is meant to prepare students for the rigors of Calculus in college. The MMM manual is a full course that mirrors the framework of the new course.  Teachers can use it to completely teach the course with ready-made lesson plans complete with classwork and homework. There are exams and quizzes that go hand-in-hand with the manual. Diving-In to AP Precalculus prepares students for th format of the AP exam with quizzes on every manjor topic containing 4 multiple-choice questions and a free-response. Finally, there are 2 sample AP Exams that teachers can use for students to practice. Available is a grading template that will analyze student strengths and weaknesses.  The student versions are FREE.


Classroom Exams for AP Precalculus

Using the AP Precalculus manual organizational framework, now available are  exams and quizzes for all units.  This is a set of FREE quizzes and exams plus a comprehensive 2-part exam for each unit.  Every topic in the manual is covered in the exams.


Diving In to AP Precalculus

This is a companion piece to the AP Precalculus Manual. It contains

46 quizzes in the style of the AP exam with 4 multiple choice and 1 free response problem for each topic.  It is meant to give students a taste of the types of problems they will see in the new AP Precalculus course right from the very beginning.  FREE.


This is a fine way for teachers to review a calculus concept, taking very little time, and giving students a little competition as well as a chance to use their cell phone in class. The student version and phone app are completely FREE.


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We wish to provide mathematics resources to help students learn ... and teachers teach. So, most of the teaching resources we provide are free of charge. Just download them and use them to teach AP Calculus (both AB and BC), Precalculus, and AP Statistics as well as to prepare for the AP Exams! But, for your convenience, you can also purchase (at low prices) the answer keys for these materials that can be downloaded immediately or sent to you in flash drive or printed format. The answer keys not only provide the answers, but also include the full detail and thought process of the solution for each problem, making it easy to explain the steps to your students.

Links to purchase the solutions are available within each section. However, you may prefer to visit our Price List which contains all purchase options on MasterMathMentor.com as well as a variety of DISCOUNT options for purchasing multiple products together!!


So, MasterMathMentor operates under the philosophy:

Make the Student
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