Here are some testimonials that a few of my students have given over the years: 


  • A several-hundred page packet given to each student at the beginning of the year, this manual covers the entire course, complete with concept outlines, examples, and problem sets. Instead of dealing with folders, worksheets, textbooks, and notebooks, Mr. Schwartz's manual streamlines the learning process, and allows students to focus on the concepts being learned and the math behind them. The sheer amount of effort and care taken by Mr. Schwartz in his creation of this teaching tool is clear – all of my friends and fellow students would be quick to tell you how invaluable it was in our learning and understanding of Calculus. – Sam Tsui (Yale University)  
  • The manual was wonderful, the best teaching tool I have ever seen. It made studying and learning much easier because there were comprehensible explanations, examples, and practice problems. - Meredith Brooks (University of Chicago) 
  • The instruction manual that you wrote was brilliant - easy to understand with good practice problems and well organized. - Jared Russell (Cornell University)  
  • I love the manual and think it is one of the best aspects of the course. It allows student to really understand what is going on and to see what they will be expected to do in the future. - Lisa Brockway (Penn State University)  
  • I feel that the manual should be used for ages and ages to come. It simply made things clearer than the textbook. - Rena Zheng (University of Pennsylvania)  
  • The manual was excellent. It gave me a feel for college books where you can write in it and take notes in it. - Stacia Eggleston (University of Delaware)  
  • I found the manual to be extremely helpful and it truly was my lifesaver this year. - Arin Dinovitz (Penn State University) 
  • The textbook is rarely needed, because the manual does an excellent job of covering everything. - In Cho (Ursinus University)  
  • I love the manual. Concepts are introduced and homework follows it immediately. There is little flipping of pages or fumbling with papers when trying to do homework or review. - Zach Martin (Princeton University)  
  • The manual was better than any textbook. There is the simple advantage of being able to carry the manual around in a folder and being able to write in it and being able to keep it. - Nick Terruso (Penn State University)  
  • The manual was my best friend this year. Being that I am an extremely unorganized and scatterbrained person, the manual forced be to keep everything in order which ultimately was a huge benefit come May. - Mallory Grivner (Penn State University)   
  • The manual is possibly the single most useful thing I have ever been given by a teacher to learn course material. It is God on paper. Without it, I would have died on the A.P. test. I’m not a good note taker, but with all the information in the manual and important concepts and formulas boxed, it was easy to keep organized and to use for studying. - Antony Lopez (Drexel University)  

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