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Evolution of the AP Statistics Learning Guide
Since I started teaching AP Statistics in the year 2000, I have been using The Practice of Statistics by Yates, Moore and McCabe. In those early years, I pretty much used the exams and quizzes from their yellow binder.
However, as good as that textbook and its resources was, I found that I needed to develop materials for myself that fit my teaching style.  I find that students learn best from packets that have the basic information presented, examples that emphasize the important points, and problems for students to do.  So, over the years, I developed a good number of them.
Unlike the material in the AP Calculus section of this website, the material is not all-inclusive. There are topics for which the textbook is completely adequate. But as the course moves into probability and inference, there were more resources that I felt I needed to generate. So these learning guides are best used in conjunction with a book, preferable the Practice of Statistics. But the guides will go into more depth on teh types of problems students will see on the AP exam.
We used the first edition of the Practice of Statistics. The current version is the 5th edition written by Starnes, Tabor, Yates, and Moore.  I have divided the material here into five sections.  They correspond to the following chapters in the 5th edition of the Practice of Statistics..
As in the AP Calculus section of this website, all of the materials I present here are available for download free of charge. Feel free to download any or all of them and use them as you wish. If you are interested in the solutions and answer keys to the packets, worksheets, quizzes and exams, they can be purchased, for each one of the folders above. Click on the AP Statistics Solutions link and you will see all your options for purchasing solutions.
Use of the AP Statistics Learning Guide
The guide is not a textbook. It is not intended to be one. It simply presents topics and walks students through a series of classwork problems. The teacher does the teaching of the problem. The students take notes in the space provided. There is little or no attempt to prove theorems. You can still do that on your own. The guide provides you and your students sample problems, which will touch upon every concept that is covered in a good AP Statistics curriculum. To reiterate, this guide still needs a good teacher - you. You cannot just hand the student the guide and expect him or her to read it and understand it.
The use of a graphing calculator is expected for this course. The TI-84 is the calculator of choice.  For all important calculator operations, keystrokes are explained and example viewscreens appear throughout the guides. Typically, students get lost in a classroom trying to duplicate what the teacher shows on the overhead calculator screen. The manual has thorough explanations so students can work at home, carefully duplicating the keystrokes shown in the manual in order to get the same screens.
In the revision, we have placed several documents (worksheets, quizzes, exams) in one of the following file types. In this way we reduce the amount of downloading necessary.
The Revision
For each of the sections, I have a cover page that describes the material and what it includes. I suggest that you read it for each section. Material that is new or revised I indicated in red.

Overview. These are generally booklets or description pages where there are no problems to solve. For instance, we have one booklet on all aspects of the calculator.  Since there are no solutions, the Overview file is located only in the student version. The contents are described in the cover pages.

Teaching. These are documents that the teacher uses for face-to-face teaching. It walks students through a process like doing regression or a hypothesis test. There are several problems that are used as examples in the class. The contents are described in the cover pages.

Exercises.  This is the bulk of the material. It contains homework problems, quizzes, and exams, and simulations to try. In the Inference section, there are two exercise files because of the great number of concepts taught.The contents are described in the cover pages.
There are also homework problems for just about every concept. Again, space is provided for students to complete them. There are enough challenging problems but the idea is to give students enough problems to test whether they understand a concept without overburdening them.

Powerpoints. These are only available with the solution version. We have several (5) Powerpoints, each available in a Narrated version (usually taking upwards of 50 megabytes), an un-narrated version, and a script. The script is used with the un-narrated version so teachers can teach the material themselves. Powerpoints are compatible with the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2010 and later and the Mac version of Microsoft Office 2011 and later.
By downloading the free guides, you have the right to make as many copies as you wish as long as you use them for face-to-face classroom use. Solutions cannot be posted on the Internet nor placed on a school's website except with special permission. Any questions, contact me at team@mastermathmentor.com.


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