Relationships (revised)


Most of the students in AP Statistics courses have seen linear regression in earlier math courses. So while I have a good explanation of the procedures and the meaning of the coefficient of correlation (r) and determination (r2), I don't spend that much time on it. Rather than a bunch of small problems, there are several worksheets with problems with multiple parts. Also, in this folder, there is a good explanation of the procedures to recognize and perform exponential and power regression with a packet of problems.


We moved the material on relationships between categorical variables into this section where it belongs. Marginal and conditional distributions as well as Simpson's paradox are covered.


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The student version of Relationships is free and can be downloaded below.


Contents of the Relationships Material


Cover page: For each of the sections, I have a cover page that describes the material and what it includes. I suggest that you read it for each section. Material that is new or revised I indicated in red.

Overview. These are generally booklets or description pages where there are no problems to solve. For instance, we have one booklet on all aspects of the calculator.  Since there are no solutions, the Overview file is located only in the student version. The contents are described in the cover pages.

Teaching. These are documents that the teacher uses for face-to-face teaching. It walks students through a process like doing regression or a hypothesis test. There are several problems that teachers will do with the students in class and homework problem, found in the exercises mimic them. The contents of the teaching packet are described in the cover pages.

Exercises.  This is the bulk of the material. It contains homework problems, quizzes, and exams, and simulations to try. In the Inference section, there are two exercise files because of the great number of concepts taught. The contents of the exercise packet are described in the cover pages.


YouTube Videos and Powerpoints. Several concepts are further explained with examples using YouTube videos. These are narrated. Unnarrated versions and scripts that go with them might be used by teachers who want more control of the video. These are in Powerpoint format. Powerpoints are compatible with the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2010 and later and the Mac version of Microsoft Office 2011 and later.

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More in-depth descriptions of contents


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   1. Bivariate data summary

   2. Regression analysis

   3. Simpson's paradox (new)


Terms and formulas

Techniques for models

Examples of phenomenon

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   1. Categorical data

   2. Variable association

Marginal/conditional distributions

Causation and lurking variables

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   1. Linear regression ex.

   2. Regression interpretation

   3. Regression (new)

   4. Linear reg. analysis

   5. Practice quiz

   6. Quiz (new)

   7. Regression

   8. Regression

   9. Regression

   10. Quiz (new)

   11. Categorical Data

   12. Worksheet

   13. Quiz

Coming up for air


Interpreting r and r2

2 in-depth answers

2 problems on linear regression

Linear regression

Models: linear, exponantial, power reg.

All models interpolation/extrapolation

All models real-life problems

Testing all regression models

Marginal/Conditional distributions

Simpson's paradox

Marginal distributions

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YouTube Videos

  Bivariate Data (new)

  Categorical data (new)

Narrated version given

    Unnarrated version and script

    given in solution version.


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Purchase the Relationships Answer Key!
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