4 AP® Calculus Practice Exams


AP Calculus® is like climbing a mountain. It is daunting to both students and teachers. There are times along the way where the task looks simple and other times when it looks insurmountable. And like most mountains where the hardest section is close to the summit where the trek will be considered a success or failure, so it is with the AP® course where success or failure will be determined by how the students perform on the AP® exam.


In my estimation, it is absolutely vital to give students an AP® exam experience before the actual exam. It is one thing to practice problem after problem and another thing to do so while experiencing time pressure, fatigue, and the feeling that the result actually means something. So I heartily recommend the administration of a practice AP® exam (sometimes called a mock exam). 


In the past, teachers could rely on the College Board website for practice exams. The free response questions are placed on the site about a month after the administration of the exam and they are available for all years back to 1999. There are websites that have them going back into the 1970's. The multiple-choice section is a much more difficult to find, but there are released exams from 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013, as well as the exam that the College Board released to schools who passed the audit.


Still, if these are available to teachers, they are also available to students and with the limited number of multiple-choice exams, students can pretty much predict what problems teachers will give in their practice exam.


Add to the fact that the College Board changed both the AB and BC curriculum for the 2017. AB now contains L'Hospital's Rule, while BC now contains the limit comparison convergence test, absolute and conditional convergence, and alternating series error bounds. Also, all multiple-choice questions have four choices rather than five and the number of problems in each multiple-choice section has changed.


So, as of now there are no practice exams available from the College Board in the new format encompassing the new curriculum and unless other book companies have been busy updating their existing materials, teachers will not be successful in finding practice exams from them either.


That problem is solved with 4 AP® Calculus Practice Exams from MasterMathMentor.com




There is an AB version with 4 exams available as well as a BC version, also  with 4 exams.  Each exam contains a student version and solution version. The student version leaves room for students to do work in both multiple-choice and free response. The exams now encompass the changes in curriculum in the AP curriculum.


            I. Multiple-choice questions with four choices (A, B, C, D)

                        Part A - 30 questions with no calculator (60 minute time limit)

                        Part B - 15 questions with calculator allowed (45 minute time limit)

            II. Free-response questions

                        Part A - 2 questions with calculator allowed (30 minute time limit)

                        Part B - 4 questions with no calculator (60 minute time limit)


The solution version gives worked out solutions to multiple-choice questions. There is also a page giving the letter answer (A, B, C, D) to the multiple-choice as well as the general topic the question falls. For free response, the solutions are detailed and point distributions for each part are given so teachers know exactly how the exam should be graded.


In both the AB and BC version, you will receive an Excel spreadsheet template that allows you to input student test results for each section, adjust what standard represents a 5, 4, 3, and 2, and calculate student grades for the exam. It allows you see at a glance which of the free response problems gave the students the most trouble. To the right is a snapshot from that spreadsheet with 6 students.


Also included in both the AB and BC version is a guide to giving a practice AP exam, grading it, and reviewing it.


The test packages are not available in our usual format with the student versions being free and the solution version purchased. We did not want to make these exams easily available to students. Certainly, they could purchase the solutions from our site (we really have no way knowing whether a purchaser is a teacher or a student) but there are four tests, each with 4 different sections. Since a teacher could give any combination of 4 tests and 4 sections, there are 44 or 256 different exams that can be given. To cheat, a student needs to look over all of these combinations. It is safe to say that your practice exam will be secure, especially if you vary them from year-to-year.


The multiple-choice questions are pretty much the same questions in our Demystifying the AP® Multiple-Choice Exam packages, both AB and BC. The free response problems do not appear in the Demystifying the AP® Free Response Exams package. Like the actual AP® exam, the BC multiple-choice section in each exam contains some of the same AB questions in its AB counterpart as well as three AB free-response questions.




Here's the exciting part!


New Purchasers:


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  • Customers who purchase both the Demystifying the BC Free-Response Exam and Demystifying the BC Multiple-Choice exam will receive 4 AP® Calculus Practice BC Exams absolutely free.



Of course, you can purchase 4 AP® Calculus Practice Exams by themselves without having purchased any of the Demystifying packages. 



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