Calculus: Ripped from the Headlines




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What it is:  Calculus: Ripped From the Headlines (CRFH) was inspired by the long-running TV program Law-and-Order. In that show, a real crime that was committed, usually in the New York area, inspired a fictional story where the police sought the perpetrators and the prosecutor tried the case.  In CRFH, a story that appeared in a newspaper, magazine, website, or blog inspires a fictional problem that needs calculus to solve. There are problems dealing with a variety of topics: from creating a vaccine to cure an epidemic, to putting on the slick greens at the Master's golf tournament, to being ripped off by the price of ink cartridges, to building the world's largest pizza.  Some are humorous, some are serious and all require AB Calculus.


What You Get: There are 40 problems in CRFH. They start with the newspaper or website article that inspired the problem, followed by the calculus problem. Each problem is in the same format of a typical AP® Exam free-response question, containing a number of subparts. All problems fit on one page.


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Who Wrote it:  CRFH was written entirely by Stu Schwartz of  Many thanks go to Jess Chernak of Carnegie Mellon University who painstakingly edited every problem.


How Do I Get the Problems? 


You can download the student versions, ten at a time below.


Topics 1 - 10

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01. Texting and Driving

02. Tightrope-Walking Bear

03. Car Mileage

04. Subway Station Restoration

05. Climate Crisis

06. Cruise Sales

07. Text Crazy

08. Everest Roller Coaster

09. Shrinking Tumors

10. Golf at the Masters

Topics 11 - 20

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11. Sudden Acceleration

12. Gas Price Drop

13. the IWatch

14. Restaurant Impossible

15. Dental Implants

16. Amusement Park Queuing

17. Medical Marijuana Legislation

18. Dogs and Hydrotherapy

19. Water Tank Lawsuit

20. NFL Player Value

Topics 21 - 30

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21. Twitter Followers

22. Smallox Vaccine

23. Racetrack Betting

24. Arctic Shipping Routes

25. Submarine Thresher Sinks

26. Price of Ink Cartridges

27. Kinder Eggs

28. Culling Deer

29. Boston Marathon Bombings

30. Filling a Reservoir

Topics 31 - 40

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31. Huge Pizzas

32. Sooner Idol

33. Tsunami Speed

34. Bush's Approval Rating

35. Memory Study

36. Oprah on Mt. Rushmore

37. Algae in Lake Erie

38. Tatoo Regret

39. Cicadas

40. Train Crash


How About the Solutions? If you are interested in the solutions to Calculus: Ripped From the Headlines, they cost $30.95 for all 40 problems. That's about 77 cents per problem. You receive the 40 student problems and the solutions in 4 downloads. You do not have to join the community to purchase these. You can purchase this from the main price list or by clicking this link:



Full set of 40 problems: $30.95


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So many students ask: "when will we ever use this in the real world?" . Well, Calculus: Ripped from the Headlines is useful, different, and yes, fun! Hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Stu Schwartz