DIGITLE AP Statistics


DIGITLE is a free game that is based on the popular Internet word game WORDLE. The difference is that it works with numbers.


For each puzzle, there are 6 AP Stat problems, based on the topic. The first 5 have one-digit answers with repeats allowable or multiple choice (ABCDE) answers. The 6th more difficult problem has a 3, 4, or 5 digit answer with the possibility of leading zeros. So a 4-digit answer of 496 would be interpreted as 0496.


Students must do the multiple choice problems but after that, they have a choice. They can do the more difficult 6th problem first or do all of the easier problems.


The correct answer to the puzzle is the 5 digits (or letters)  of the simpler problems, which have been scrambled. The digits will match the 5-digits answer whose digits are also scrambled to give the solution to the puzzle.


Like WORDLE, students place answers in the given blocks on the DIGITLE Application. The blocks will turn to colors based on:


Green:  the digit is in the answer and is in the correct spot.

Yellow: the digit is in the answer but is not in the correct spot.

Grey:    the digit is not in the answer.


For instance, the answers to the problems might be:


1) 2        2) 2       3) B       4) 4        5) C        6)   242


So looking at the example above, the guesses to the puzzle could be  2B4C2 or CB242 or C224D.  It turned out to be 24CB2



For AP Stat, we have 21 puzzles below.  Choose the topic you want and download it to get the puzzle problems.  Then go to the DIGITLE Application below to actually play the game.  Enter the Digitle Puzzle # and you're good to go!  You can play Digitle on a computer, a tablet, or your phone.


DIGITLE is a neat way to review important AP Stat concepts and have some fun as well. It is intended that the game should take 10 - 15 minutes if students know the material.


For teachers: After 6 guesses, the app tells the student the correct answer. There is a RESET button in case you wish to start fresh with another class. To use it, type in the 8-character password !FANUCCI.  But, like the real game of WORDLE, students only get one shot at a puzzle on the device they are using.  If they type in a puzzle number already played, they will see their previous results with no ability to reset.


Students also have the ability to share with friends via email their color-coded results without divulging the answer.  (Sorry, text messaging doesn't work quite yet).




If you are using this game for anything other than a fun way to challenge students, I suggest that you ask to see their work as proof that they themselves did the problems.




Digitle # Topic Puzzle
301 Measures Central Tendency Click to Download
302 Measures of Spread Click to Download
303 Picturing Distributions Click to Download
304 Outliers Click to Download
305 Normal Distributions Click to Download
306 Categorical Variables Click to Download
307 Linear Regression Click to Download
308 Other Regressions Click to Download
309 Sampling Techniques  
310 Blocking/Bias  
311 Basic Probability  
312 Conditional Probability  
313 Random Variables  
314 Expected Value  
315 Binomial/Geometric Distributions  


Central Limit Theorem  
317 Confidence Intervals & Hypothesis Testing  
318 Type I and Type II Errors  
319 z-tests  
320 t-tests  
321 Chi-Square and Linear Regression test