Calculus Enrichment


After the AP Exam, some schools still have over a month left.  What do you do with that time so that the students don't feel like it is just busywork. Certainly, you can have students do some of the games like Clue and Jeopardy. But if you still want some learning to go on, take a look at some of our enrichment apps. Calulus - Ripped from the Headlines is an inventive and sometimes humorous examination in the way calculus can be used in the real world. Ahead of the Curve is an in-depth examination of some of the beautiful curves that can be created. And we even have a full Multivariable Calculus Course for teachers who want to take their best students further in the coming year.


Calculus, Ripped from the Headlines




Ahead of the Curve



Multi-Variable Calculus Course