Calculus Games and Fun


Calculus is a serious subject but there are some ways to make the learning and practice enjoyable. We have put together several games and competitions that test the subject with a bit of fun attached. The Clue Game, the oldest app on this website still brings back memories of the game of Clue murder mystery. Jeopardy is a wonderful way to add competition to the classroom while our Getting Calculus Across and Down is a very comprehensive crossword puzzle with clues being calculus questions. Calculus Acrostic has its multiple-choice answers spell out a mathematical quote. All of these can be used in review for the AP exam as well.


Calculus Clue




Calculus Jeopardy



Getting Calculus Across and Down



Calculus Acrostic



Calculus Word-Search Poster



Nuclear Containment Escape Rooms



Math Wars AB and BC Calculus (Coming Soon)