Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are you giving away an entire calculus manual and so many other resources for free?

I have been developing these resources for over 35 years.  I would like to see them become useful for our next generation of teachers.  I believe in the value of experienced teachers mentoring and helping inspire their successors.  How sad it would be if all of our teaching resources and knowledge were wasted upon retirement.  So here it is.  Take it.  Use it.  Thank you for being the next teacher to carry it forward.


Why do you sell a paper version of your products if they are available for download for free?

Simply for convenience.  Even though we live in the electronic age, I myself often like to purchase things in paper format.  Perhaps other people sweat over the cost of ink, hate fighting with the copier, or love getting mail. The free version is complete and you will be paying essentially for the cost of printing and postage.


Why are some of my pages missing text and images near the edges when printed?

We have noted that some printers do not print the paper manuals properly.  The reason seems to have to do with the text and images getting too close to the margins.  To solve this problem, try printing the downloaded files at 95% of their original size.  This usually works.  If you are still having trouble, please let us know.


How can we use your exams and quizzes if you have the answers available online?  Won't students cheat?

Student's cheat?  No!  Well, I am very glad you asked this question, especially since it brings up a good point.  No one expects you to download the exams from this site and distribute them without any thought.  In fact, as you would expect, I update my exams and quizzes periodically to keep students from prior years giving the answers to my current students.  Please regard these free downloadable exams as a resource to help you create the exams you need for your class.  Change what needs to be changed.  Add what needs to be added.  And who knows, maybe a student will come visit this site in search of an answer or two and learn something useful on his/her journey in math!


When I download the files, all I see is strange characters on the screen (or the file won't open)?

Most likely the problem with printing items from the website has to do with the file type.  You can determine the file type by the last few characters of the file name.  For example, if the file name ends in ".xls" you would have to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to view the file.  Here are the current files extensions:

  - ".pdf" is Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software you can download - see and click 'Get Adobe Reader')
  - ".xlxs" is Microsoft Excel (part of Microsoft Office - does cost money)

If you have these software applications and are still having trouble downloading and viewing the files, please let us know.  Providing the name of the download file that is failing, the type of computer you are using, and the version of the web browser you are using would greatly help us deduce the problem.


Do you provide discount pricing for ordering multiple products together?

Yes!  Please check our Price List.   Click here!


Can I purchase using a purchase order?

Yes!  We will accept purchase orders. Secure a P.O. from your school, complete the information as to what you wish to order, and email us and we will give you instructions for where to send it. Upon receipt, we will immediately send you your material. If you wish to purchase via a web download, we will send you instructions on how to download it.


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How can I access the downloads from a previous purchase?

At the end of the purchase process there is a link that takes you back to the website in order to access any downloadable items that were part of your purchase.  At that time you will receive a order number which you can use to access your downloads again for up to 14 days.

        Click HERE to access the downloads for a previous purchase 
        (must be within 14 days of original purchase. If outside that window, please contact us.)


How do I replace a USB drive that is lost or broken?

No problem. Click here.


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