Combined AB/BC Calculus Manual

Back in 1972, the epic movie the Godfather hit the theatres and in 1974, the brilliant sequel was made. The two movies dealt with the life of a crime family over many decades. Although Godfather 2 mostly took place after the years that Godfather I covered, it used flashbacks and covered events before the events of Godfather I.  Although the two movies were separate entities, they were later combined into one long movie called the Godfather epic, which lost none of the material, but examined it in chronological order.  In that way, viewers could enjoy the movie from start to finish and not have to endure flashbacks, followed by looks into the future. So what does this have to do with calculus?


In Calculus, most schools are set up so that AB Calculus and BC Calculus are separate courses. Students typically take AB Calculus in 11th grade and follow up with BC Calculus in 12th grade. Since BC doesn't have nearly the number of topics that AB has, teachers typically do some reviewing from AB and also teach some extra topics.


However, there are schools that offer AB and BC calculus together as one course. Since there really is too much material to adequately cover in a year, these schools begin AP calculus in the spring of the previous year and get through it all the following year. I still believe that it is hard for students to digest this amount of information in such a short time, but there are schools that do it quite successfully.


For schools in this situation, they can certainly use both the AB and BC manual separately. However, since the BC course enhances some of the AB topics, teachers might prefer to change the order that they cover the material. Like the Godfather movies, they might wish to cover all limit topics first, then all derivative topics, and then all integration topics, leaving infinite series and Taylor polynomials until the end.


So we have an option that teachers purchasing both the AB and BC solutions will be able to receive the "Combined Version" that uses this order.  We are not making it a free download - it will be only for purchasers of the both solutions in either download, printed, or flash drive format. On the flash drive, it will automatically be included and purchasers who have purchased both versions can email us at and we will send you the download links. Obviously, it will take some time to download because the student version will be about 450 pages and the solution version will be about 480 pages.


Nothing is lost in this combined version. The chapters are simply renumbered. This combined manual isn't for most schools, just those who teach AB and BC as one course.  Even if your school does have separate AB and BC courses as well as a combined course for more accelerated students, you do not need a separate order. You will always receive the separate solution versions and if you need it, can also receive the combined version as well.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at