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AP® Precalculus Sample AP Exams


In the near future, you will need to prepare your students for the upcoming AP Precalculus exam.  But what do you do? Where do you go?  There are no past exams to download. There are no review books.  The course is too new.


Enter MasterMathMentor.  In addition to the AP Precalculus manual, the exams and quizzes tailor-made to go hand in hand with the manual, the Diving-In Series providing a way to get a feel for the format of the AP exam in weekly quizzes, MMM has now created 2 practice AP exams.


Each exam is in the exact format that students will see on the actual exam. 


Section 1:  Multiple Choice: 2 Hours, 62.5% of the exam score


     Part A: 28 questions, 80 minutes

                 43.75% of the exam score (Calculator not permitted)

     Part B: 12 questions, 40 minutes

                 18.75% of the exam score (Calculator required)


Section II: Free Response:  1 Hour, 37.5% of the exam score


     Part A: 30 minutes, 18.75% of the exam score (Calculator Required)

                 1: Function Concepts               2: Modeling Non-Periodic Context


     Part B: 30 minutes, 18.75% of the exam score (Calculator not permitted)

                 3: Modeling Periodic Context  4: Symbolic Manipulations

In creating these practice exams, great care was used to ensure that the major concepts covered in the course are tested.  There certainly will be some duplication and since there are only 4 free response questions, not all course concepts will be covered by them.  Whenever possible concepts from different sections of the course are combined within one problem: For instance a piecewise function may have one of its pieces a logarithmic function. Or aspects of a parabola can be incorporated into a regression problem involving a quadratic function.


The Student Version


The student version of the two exams are, as usual, completely free for teachers to use as a practice or a mock exam. I really favor giving mock exams.  I brought the students into school on a Saturday, several weeks before the actual AP Calculus exam, and simulated test conditions that students would have when taking the real thing.  I also graded the exam, giving students as much feedback as possible. That feedback is available in the solution version.


Feel free to download the free student version of each exam.


Precalculus Sample AP Exam 1 Free Download
Precalculus Sample AP Exam 2 Free Download


The Solution Version


In ithe solution version, we have worked out solutions for every multiple-choice problem.  We also give grading criteria for the free response questions, showing how points are earned.


You also receive two Excel spreadsheets with links to a Googlesheet version.  You don't need to have Excel on your computer.


First, you receive an item analysis spreadsheet. This allows you or a student to quickly grade his or her sample exam by typing in the letter choices (A, B, C, D).  Upon entering them all, the spreadsheet generates and analysis of each question as to the unit (1, 2, 3) it tests as well as the whether the problem is an analytic one or an application.


An analysis of the total results gives a color-coded idea as to the strength and weakness in each unit and whether it is an analytic or application problem.


You can give the link to this spreadsheet to students allowing them to take one of the sample AP exams and test themselves and get an instant analysis of their work.


Second, you receive a grading spreadsheet allowing you to enter the results of the Multiple-choice as well as the free-response points for each student.  The spreadsheet grades the student and determines their projected AP grade.



In addition, you yourself can set the numerical criteria for a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 as the exam is too new to have previous exams on which to base this. The spreadsheet also tallies the number of each grade and even allows you to see how your class did on each free response question and subpart.


Precalculus Sample AP Exams

Web Download Version

This purchase will provide you with the Precalculus Sample AP Exam Solutions as downloadable PDF files as well as links to grading and analysis spreadsheets in Excel and Google sheets format.


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You can purchase the sample exams as a web download or as part of a set also containing the AP Precalculus Manual, AP Exams and Quizzes, and AP Diving In. The latter is available on a flash drive.  On the download editions, there is an Information page that contains instructions how to download the Excel files and also contains the Google sheets links.


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