Calculus Cruising  (June 2023)


Calculus Cruising is a wonderful way for students to review for the AP exam, particularly the free response section.  It contains 40 free-response questions in the form of those on the AP exam but all of them are based on calculus situations that occur when on a cruise ship.


There are 40 problems and 25 of them are AB and 15 are AB/BC.  They are all based on real-life situations - from eating bacon and soft-serve ice cream, from using towels and utensils, from cooking hamburgers and pizza, to using the elevators and walking the Promenade deck, and from swimming to watching movies under the stars.


The problems were researched duing an actual cruise on the Caribbean Princess and the problem situations are realistic to that cruise ship. Students who have been on cruises will enjoy working on the problems because they will recognize the challenges of running a small city at sea. And for students who have not cruised, this concentrated series of problem will whet their appetites.



As is most materials on, the student version is FREE.   It contains an introduction page and 4 PDF's.


The Teacher Introduction page goes into greater depth than the student one as to the calculus topics each problem tests.


Free Downloads:


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1-3      Welcome Aboard

4-6      Getting Around the Ship

7-8      Staterooms

9-12    Guest Services

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13-16  Dining

17-23  The Lido Deck

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24-30  Snacks and Drinks

31-33  Shore Excursions

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34-36  Entertainment

37-38  Ship Movement

39-40  Sad To Leave

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The Solution Version contains all 40 problems but in the space provided for students to fill in their answers, in-depth solutions are provided.  In addition, point values for each sub-question are attached so teachers and students know how much each question is worth and the criteria for grading.

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Calculus Cruising

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