DIGITLE is a free game that is based on the popular Internet word game WORDLE. The difference is that it works with numbers.


For each puzzle, there are 6 SAT/ACT problems, based on the topic. The first 5 have one-digit answers with repeats allowable. The 6th more difficult problem has a 5 digit answer with the possibility of leading zeros. So an answer of 496 would be interpreted as 00496.


Students have a choice. They can do the more difficult 6th problem first or do the easier 5 problems.


The correct answer to the puzzle is the 5 digits of the simpler problems, which have been scrambled. They will match the 5-digits answer whose digits are also scrambled to give the solution to the puzzle.


Like WORDLE, students place answers in the given blocks on the DIGITLE Application. The blocks will turn to colors based on:


Green:  the digit is in the answer and is in the correct spot.

Yellow: the digit is in the answer but is not in the correct spot.

Grey:    the digit is not in the answer.


For instance, in the picture above, the answers to the problems might be:


1) 2        2) 8       3) 2       4) 7        5) 1        6)   81227


To solve the puzzle. it took the student 4 tries until he got all the digits correct. then another guess before he had the correct answer of 27182.



For SAT/ACT, we have 19 puzzles below, written mostly by Dr. Sheldon Goldberg.  Choose the topic you want and download it to get the puzzle problems.  Then go to the DIGITLE Application below to actually play the game.  Enter the Digitle Puzzle # and you're good to go!  You can play Digitle on a computer, a tablet, or your phone.


On the App, students will be able to email the color coded results without divulging the answer, impressing their friends. DIGITLE is a neat way to review important concepts that will appear on the SAT or ACT exam and have some fun as well. It is intended that the game should take 10 - 15 minutes if students know the material.



Digitle # Topic Puzzle
501 Fractions/Ratio & Percents Click to Download
502 Linear Equations/Inequalities Click to Download
503 Isolating Quantities Click to Download
504 Essential Algebra Skills Click to Download
505 Rat'l Expressions/Polynomials Click to Download
506 Systems of Equations Click to Download
507 Quadratic Functions Click to Download
508 Advanced Math Concepts Click to Download
509 Linear / Exponential Growth Click to Download
510 Functions / Transformations Click to Download
511 Polynomial Factors / Graphs Click to Download
512 Interpretation of Graphs Click to Download
513 Radicals/Rational Exponents Click to Download
514 Geometry Click to Download
515 Coordinate Geometry Click to Download
516 Trigonometry / Pythagorean Thm Click to Download
517 Distribution/Center/Spread Click to Download
518 Table Data & Probability Click to Download
519 Data Collections & Conclusions Click to Download
520 Miscellaneous Click to Download



AP® Calculus Digitle AB Solutions

Digitle SAT/ACT Solutions:

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This purchase will provide you with Digitle SAT/ACT Solutions as downloadable files (PDF format - 9 mb and 7 mb) as well as the student version (7 mb). An intro file is included as well.

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