Math Wars

AB Calculus


Math Wars is a fun way for teachers to review a concept, taking up very little class time, and giving the students a little competition as well as a chance to productively use their cell phones in class. Best of all,  MasterMathMentor's policy during the Pandemic has to make material FREE! and I see no reason to change that.



Math Wars, the AB Calculus version, has 37 "quizzes" each with 5 multiple choice problems.  Unlike many sample AP questions, these are meant to be answered in at most 3 minutes and many should take less than a minute. (assuming the student understands the concept)


Students enter their answers on a phone app which gives instant feedback. They receive a score (0 - 100) based on correctness and also the speed they answer the questions. So students are engaged in a friendly competition among themselves.



This is how Math Wars is best played: The teacher chooses a topic from the ones  listed at the bottom of this page. A PDF containing the 5 problems appears on the classroom screen.   This PDF has a QR code and the students use their phone's camera to load the App on their phone.  To the right is a sample. The screen shows the topic (Sample), the maximum amount of time allowed,

(5 minutes, 30 seconds) and a tab to start the timer.  Once they start, they cannot stop.  They enter the answers for each problem. They can change it until they press Submit. At that time, the answer is locked in and they are told whether the answer is correct (green) or incorrect (red).


Once they submit all their answers, the timer stops. A score is generated from 0 to 100. It is based on the point value of the problems (they are worth 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 points) and the amount of time taken.  The score is created with these parameters:


  •    All problems correct taking half the allotted time or less - score is 100.
  •    All problems correct taking exactly the allotted time  - score is 50.
  •    Other scores are proportional to time taken and problems correct.


So they are racing to get the 5 problems done but they also need to be careful. Hence Fanucci the Cat playing Yoda's admonition on the title page: "Problems you Solve, Careful You Must."   It should set up some healthy competition between students and they can copy their results to the clipboard and email or text you or their friends with their results.

What is nice about this is that teachers have a warmup exercise for each topic - and these are in the order of the MasterMathMentor AB Manual. While you are taking roll and doing other housekeeping at the start of class, the students are instantly engaged.  Once complete, you can go over the problems. Solutions can be purchased below.


Of course, you can choose not to use the game option and simply give these out as quizzes.   Or you could play it as a class with students having a paper copy of the quiz and the app is on the computer screen. Solutions can be purchased below.


Math Wars AB Solutions

Math AB Solutions:

Web Download Version

This purchase will provide you with Math Wars AB Solutions as 4 downloadable PDF files (as well as the student version). The student version leaves room for students to do the work required allowing it to used as a stand alone quiz.


Only $24.95  (37 sets of problems each for topics and scrambled)



Not only do we have the version covering every topic, we have a scrambled version with problems either in the limits and derivatives section or integrals and application section.  This allows a thorough review of the curriculum around time for the AP Exam.



Free Downloads AB Calculus Math Wars by Topic.

(Double-click on topic to load)


101 Limits 102 Derivative Definition 103 Basic Derivatives I
104 Basic Derivatives II 105 Chain Rule 106 Trig Derivatives
107 Implicit Differentiation 108 Transcendendal Deriv 109 Derivatives of Inverses
110 Linear Approximation 111 Continuity/Differentiabilty 112 Related Rates
113 Straight-Line Motion 114 3 Important Theorems 115 Function Analysis
116 Curve Sketching 117 2nd Derivative Test 118 Absolute Extrema
119 Optimization

120 l'Hospital's Rule

121 Indefinite Integration
122 u-Substitution 123 Integration w/Trig 124 Integration Transcendentals
125 Integral as Area 126 Accumulation Function 127 Riemann Sums
128 FTC (No Calc) 129 FTC (Calculator) 130 Motion w/Integrals
131 Avg Value/2nd FTC 132 Inverse Trig 133 Area Under Curve
134 Volume 135 Integration Applications 136 Slope Fields/DEQ
137 Growth and Decay    


Free Downloads AB Calculus Math Wars Scrambled.

(Double-click on number to load)


151 Limits and Derivatives 152 Limits and Derivatives 153 Limits and Derivatives
154 Limits and Derivatives 155 Limits and Derivatives 156 Limits and Derivatives
157 Limits and Derivatives 158 Limits and Derivatives 159 Limits and Derivatives
160 Limits and Derivatives 161 Limits and Derivatives 162 Limits and Derivatives
163 Limits and Derivatives 164 Limits and Derivatives 165 Limits and Derivatives
166 Limits and Derivatives 167 Limits and Derivatives 168 Limits and Derivatives
169 Limits and Derivatives

170 Limits and Derivatives

171 Integrals/Applications
172 Integrals/Applications 173 Integrals/Applications 174 Integrals/Applications
175 Integrals/Applications 176 Integrals/Applications 177 Integrals/Applications
178 Integrals/Applications 179 Integrals/Applications 180 Integrals/Applications
181 Integrals/Applications 182 Integrals/Applications 183 Integrals/Applications
184 Integrals/Applications 185 Integrals/Applications 186 Integrals/Applications
187 Integrals/Applications    

The url and the QR code to the game app is on each of the quizzes above. A generic url and QR code that will allow you to choose the topic number is below.


Some tips:


  • It is suggested that teachers do not put the problem page on the screen until everyone is settled, has their phone out, and is ready to go.
  • Every attempt has been made to get the 5 problems on one page. Sometimes that isn't possible. In that case, I suggest changing not showing the logo section at the top of the page and/or lowering the view percentage until all problems can be seen.
  • Students will always find a way to cheat. The easiest way to is solve the problems but not start the timer. I suggest that every student immediately look to their right and left to be sure that their neighbor has started the timer.
  • Students might decide to text each other to share answers. Little you can do about that but texting takes some time and time should not be wasted here.  But that is why I do not suggest using Math Wars as a testing tool while using the app. It is just meant to be fun.
  • These problems were purposely created as to not require graphing calculators although some might required basic calculations. Only one of the topics, involves using a graphing calculator, the Fundamental Theorem.
  • Once a student uses the app for a topic, they cannot use it again for that topic. This is intentional as a student who gets a problem incorrect might try and quit the app and start again.  However, if teachers use the app on their screen, they might want to use it again for another class. There is a reset:  !Fanucci will allow the topic to start again.
  • The total time represents a maximum. Hopefully students can do it in less. However, this assumes that students understand the concept tested, a big assumption. If they don't, then no amount of time will help.


Math Wars AB Solutions

Math AB Solutions:

Web Download Version

This purchase will provide you with Math Wars AB Solutions as 4 downloadable PDF files (as well as the student version). The student version leaves room for students to do the work required allowing it to used as a stand alone quiz.


Only $24.95  (37 sets of problems each for topics and scrambled)