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This area of MasterMathMentor.com is a repository for additional math resources.


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A 99-page manual for teaching probability. Contains counting techniques, permutations and combinations, basic probability, combinational probability, conditional probability, expected value, and distributions. The student manual in this unit is free. Lots of examples and student problems for this traditionally difficult topic for students and teachers.  Exams provided in solution version as well as interesting problems in probability.

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A 50-page manual about matrix technqiues including addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, matrix multiplication, and matrix reducing.  Some wonderful applications are shown. Classwork and homework included. The student unit in this section is free. Exams provided in solution version.

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Teaching Outside the Box

26 articles about the art of teaching mathematics writen by Stu. Interesting math facts and puzzles that will fascinate students. Tips on creating exams, grading homework, handling observations, and other important aspects of running a class.

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64 optical illusions, some old and some very new, perfect for the end of a class period. Done in 12 Powerpoint slide shows which should also work in Keynote. Completely free.

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Math Madness

A set of questions so you can set up a tournament like the NCAA basketball tournament.   All materials in this section are free.

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What's the Average?

An article written by Stu that differentiates the concept of average when looking at it from a calculus point of view and a statistics point of view. Free.

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An interesting excursion into Cryptology.  Starts easy and gets quite involved, showing good uses of matrices. Includes an Excel spreadsheet setup to function as a cipher system.  All materials in this section are free.

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An interesting project done by a former student of mine on chaos theory.  Free.

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