Word Search Poster


Newton the Cat has been hard at work creating this calculus word-search and making sure he is front-and-center.  In the word search, there are 111 calculus terms from AB and BC calculus, that are horizontal (both directions), vertical (both directions) and diagonal. And there is one more calculus term hidden in the puzzle that is not listed.

The Calculus word-search is presented on an 11 by 17 poster on glossy 100-pound paper and sent to you in a mailing tube. It is perfect to hang on a door and when the students crowd around the door waiting for the bell to ring, they'll be searching Newton for calculus terms!  In addition, we will send you a copy on 8.5 by 11 paper so you can xerox it and give it to the students.

Order one or several (shipping included in the prices). The students will love it. Help us make Newton become more famous than Garfield or Grumpy Cat!


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11 inches
x 17 inches