Thank you for all of the wonderful material you have created. I find it to be far superior to any textbook I've ever used in my 30 years of teaching. I've used your material in both AP Calculus as well as precalculus. I am embarking on teaching AP Precalculus next year and am very happy to see that you have already sequenced your curriculum to this new course ! - Joe McPherson


I have your entire program which I think is great!  I know you must be a great teacher and it is a huge loss to your students that you are retiring!  Good luck and thanks for sharing! - Ann Hankinson


That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! - Susan Ginsberg


What a generous gift.  I've been teaching for 23 years, but will teach AP Calc for the first time next year.  I'm sure I'll refer to this website often. - Betty Dust


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I have looked over your website already and you provide so many wonderful downloads for teachers and students!  This is my first year as an AP teacher.  Your information will be invaluable to me as I revamp my course for the next 25 years! - Michele Shemory


I can't thank you enough for putting this material on a web site!! - Lynette Roller


 I used your Simpson's Rule lesson from the BC Manual yesterday and it was a huge success.  The part where you tell the kids to break into spontaneous applause for Mr. Simpson was enchanting.  It was especially cute when a team would start clapping and others would join, not knowing why, and then discover later when they reached that point in the packet! But really, the best part was that the kids wanted more afterwards.  They ended up researching a proof of Simpson's rule and the class worked through it together----this curiosity and inquiry was entirely student driven (but inspired by good curriculum).  Thank you! - Sarah Morrison


You've been so generous to so many of us who try to do better each year for our AP kids. Thanks. - Tammy Luskin


I have only taught AP Calc AB for a few years and have learned so much more each year about the course material and the exam thanks to wonderfully kind and generous teachers like you.  You have helped many of us new kids on the block to be better calculus teachers.  Thank you for your website and downloads.  I will probably make use of some of your work next year.  - Mary Stamos


Your materials are absolutely wonderful!!  I have downloaded several things and I thank you so much for being so generous. - Cindy Howes


I want to tell you that I love your materials and the way you describe things is so line with my years work it is scary! I use your materials to provide extra work for my students. They are great. - Jody Conley


Hi!  We liked the AB manual very much.  This was my first year teaching calculus.  You were basically my mentor through the manual.  I didn't start using it until second semester and I think that was a mistake.  I will use the whole manual next year. - Tammy White


I want to thank you for your fabulous website. Your generosity has inspired me to consider a similar way to share what I have learned with others upon my retirement (not for a long while though, I hope!). - David Brudzinski


I would like to thank you for taking the time to produce such a enlightening piece of work in Cryptology for beginners. Thank you for your effort and time in putting this piece of work out for beginners such as myself. - Yashar Alizadeh


Yes, thank you very much.  I used Single Jeopardy with the kids this morning.  Great problems!  Just the right level of difficulty! - DeAnn Scherer


Thanks again for your awesome manual!  The kids are really learning well, in large part because of your efforts.  - Rick Marciniec


I used your sample Jeopardy game today and the students loved it.  You know how difficult it becomes to review when everyone loses academic steam.  I will definitely purchase your games as I have purchased your precalc and calc materials.  I use them everyday. - Marge Karpinski


I want to thank you for all those materials that are available at your site. I teach calculus AB at a Colombian school and thaere are not many schools that have this program at our country so being able to look things up has been great. - Alejandra Buenahora


I just bought the Jeopardy game and used it for the first time with a set of Clickers and it is terrific! - Bill Tozzo