Precalculus Manual - Revised

This page provides the Precalculus manual for the classroom - all chapters of the manual are provide as free downloads. This section represents a complete high school course for Precalculus.

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Sometimes teachers want students to have the ability to check their homework aswers before coming to class. The above option gives answers only (no work shown). Teachers can make this available to students and perhaps save time in class the next day as students will only ask questions on problems in which they know they got incorrect.
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Student Manual Cover Pages 
(PreCalc Manual Cover.pdf)
These pages should be included at the beginning of the Student Manual.
Unit 1
Radian and Degree Measurement 
(Unit1.pdf) - 1.3 mb
10 pages - Topics: radians, degrees, revolutions, arc length, variable conversion, angular velocity, linear velocity
Unit 2
The Trigonometric Functions 
(Unit2.pdf) - 2.8 mb
12 pages - Topics: Basic trig functions, quadrant angles, special angles, domain and range, co-terminal angles, reference angles
Unit 3
Right Angle Trigonometry
(Unit3.pdf) - 2 mb
14 pages - Topics: unit circle, calculator use, errors, solving right triangles, multi-step problems, real-life applications, surveying, angles of elevation and depression, bearing, heading
Unit 4
Graphs of Trigonometric Functions 
(Unit4.pdf) - 4.2 mb
15 pages - Topics: sinusoids, amplitude, period, translations, phase shift, vertical shift, critical points, determining an equation from a graph, trig models, harmonic motion, graph of other trig functions
Unit 5
Analytical Trigonometry       
(Unit5.pdf) 2.4 mb
12 pages - Topics: fundamental trig identities, solving trig identities, sum and difference formulas, double angle formulas, half angle formulas, solving trig equations
Unit 6
Solving Oblique Triangles     
(Unit6.pdf) 3.4 mb
19 pages - Topics: oblique triangles, law of sines, law of cosines, Heron's formula, applications of oblique triangles
Unit 7
Graphs and Graphing Utilities 
(Unit7.pdf) 7.4 mb
31 pages - Topics: graphing equations, symmetry, lines in the plane, functions, mappings, domain and range, piecewise functions, translation of graphs, composition of functions, inverse functions
Unit 8
Polynomial and Rational Functions 
(Unit8.pdf) 6.9 mb
41 pages - Topics: quadratic functions, standard form, general form, roots of polynomial equations, linear functions, quadratic equation, cubic functions, factor theorem, roots of polynomials, synthetic division, rational zero test, imaginary roots, rational functions, vertical asymptotes, oblique asymptotes, partial fraction decomposition
Unit 9
Exponentials and Logarithmic Functions 
(Unit9.pdf) 4.4 mb
32 pages - Topics: exponential equations, common logarithms, natural logarithms, e, logarithm rules, logarithmic equations, exponential growth and decay, compound interest, continuous compounding, exponential curve fitting, using the calculator for financial operations
Unit 10
Parametric and Polar Equations
(Unit10.pdf) - 5 mb
20 pages - Topics: plane curves, parametric curve sketching, conversion of parametric form to rectangular form, projectile motion, polar coordinates, graphs of polar equations, classifying polar graphs.
Unit 11
Additional Topics in Trigonometry 
(Unit11.pdf) 2.8 mb
18 pages - Topics: vectors and scalars, vector operations, unit vectors, linear combination form of vectors, force problems, dot product, angle between vectors, complex numbers, trig form of a complex number, multiplication and division of complex numbers, powers and roots of complex numbers, Demoive's Theorem
Unit 12
Topics in Analytic Geometry 
(Unit12.pdf) 3 mb
18 pages - Topics: inclination of a line, angle between lines, distance between a point and a line, conic sections, circles, parabolas, ellipses, hyperbolas, degenerate conics, determining a conic from its general equations


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